Womack, Laurence

The Fifth Article of the Remonstrants – Womack

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The following is the fifth article that the Remonstrants wrote against unconditional perseverance and which they presented to the Calvinists at the Synod of Dort (1618-1619). Laurence Womack provides numbers of Scriptures to support each…

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Laurence Womock, The Calvinists Cabinet Unlock’d

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Laurence Womock, The Calvinists Cabinet Unlock’d is a major anti-Calvinistic work written by Laurence Womock, a 17th century English Puritan Arminian bishop and theologian, published in 1659. Book length is 634 pages. The full title is: Arcana dogmatum anti-remonstrantium. Or the Calvinists cabinet unlock’d. In an apology for Tilenus, against a pretended vindication of the synod of Dort. At the provocation of Master R. Baxter, held forth in the preface to his Grotian religion. Together, with a few soft drops let fall upon the papers of Master Hickman.

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