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John Fletcher, “The New Birth”

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[The following is a sermon from The Works of the Reverend John Fletcher, 4 vols. (1833; rpt. Salem, OH: Schmul Publishers, 1974), 4:95-117. The sermon is in four parts and due to the length only…

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Works of John Fletcher

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Here are the works of John Fletcher in 4 volumes. His debate with Calvinist Augustus Toplady in volume two is particularly good. Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4

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John Fletcher’s Influence on the Development of Wesleyan Theology in America

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From the Wesleyan Theological Journal
By John A. Knight


Not until recent years has the significance of John Fletcher’s theology been assessed by interpreters of the history of Christian doctrine. For almost two hundred years his work was eclipsed by the Wesleys and by some in the Calvinistic wing of the 18th century Evangelical Revival in England, except for occasional references by historians and biographers of his contemporaries.

David C. Shipley’s perceptive study, “Methodist Arminianism in the Theology of John Fletcher,” unpublished Ph. D. dissertation, Yale, 1942, was a pioneer work in this country. Particularly in the last two decades others have begun to recognize the importance of Fletcher to the development of Wesleyan theology.1

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Fletcher on Being “Dead in Sin” Part 2

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The content of this post was authored by Ben Henshaw and is posted on his behalf. Fletcher demonstrated that the Scriptures use the word “dead” in more than one way, and to understand the term…

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John Fletcher on Being “Dead in Sin”

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The content of this post was authored by Ben Henshaw and is posted on his behalf. In my interactions with Calvinists the conversation always seems to go back to their conception of being dead in…

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