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Remonstrance Podcast: Review

, posted by Martin Glynn

This week, Vin is on vacation. Prayers to you brother as you relax: May the Spirit bless your and your family’s time away. May you be refreshed and be safe as you travel home. Amen….

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Important Announcement: Remonstrance Revamp!

, posted by Remonstrance

If you cannot see the player above follow this link to our website for may ways to listen. In March Remonstrance turns five! The first “minisode” of Remonstrance dropped on March 3, 2016, and we have been working…

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Vincent Artese, “What Is an Arminian?”

, posted by Jon Gossman

What is an Arminian? This is perhaps one of the most difficult and confusing questions in the history of Protestant theology. In 1770 John Wesley himself asked this question in his work, “The Question ‘What…

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