Remonstrance Minisode 8: Arminius on Imputation

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  If you can’t see the player above just follow this link to listen to this episode: Remonstrance Minisode 8 In this minisode we will be looking at Arminius on the Doctrine of Imputation within his…

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The Gift of Faith

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When Calvinists accused Jacobus Arminius of insisting that faith in Christ is not the gift of God, he responded: “I never said this, I never thought of saying it, and, relying on God’s grace, I never…

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The Loss of Arminius to the Remonstrants

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One of the most frustrating aspects for the followers1 of Jacob Arminius’ teachings on God’s nature, character, salvation — including grace, election unto salvation, justification and conditional perseverance with an accompanying final or ultimate salvation…

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