C. Michael Patton Addresses the Unloving Attutude of Some Calvinists

, posted by Kevin Jackson

C. Michael Patton has written a couple of posts on the tendency of fellow Calvinists to treat Arminians in an unloving way. Here are some of the relevant posts:

Calvinists, Let’s Calm Down (5-15-09)

Calvinists Often Make the Worst Calvinists(9-30-08)

Why Do I (A Calvinist) Go to An Arminian Church? (04-28-09)

In addition, he observes that, “I have also noticed lately that some of the most (formally) gracious Arminians are beginning to change, showing a deep antagonism for those whom they have tried to respect. I see them lashing out uncharacteristically. I will not name any names, but I have three of these gentlemen in mind. I have to wonder, though, whether we are to blame for this. Can we be held accountable due to our arrogance and damning rhetoric? We will see.”

Perhaps this can be a reminder to all of us to treat our fellow Christian brothers in a Christ like manner.