Brian Abasciano, “Clearing Up Misconceptions about Corporate Election”

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This article defends the concept of corporate election against the criticisms that have been leveled against it, showing that they arise mostly from misunderstanding of the concept. It argues that corporate election is the biblical view of election unto salvation, which means that election unto salvation is conditional on faith in Christ. This version of the article has different page numbers and may have some other slight differences from the published version.

Please click on one of the attachments to view Brian J. Abasciano, “Clearing Up Misconceptions about Corporate Election”, Ashland Theological Journal 41 (2009) 59-90. The first attachment has footnotes with 12 point font that are double spaced. The second attachment is simply the same article with footnotes that are 10 point font and single spaced.

Double spaced/12 point font notes version

Single spaced/10 point font notes version