Appalling Examples of Evil that Imply the Incoherence of Calvinism # 3: The Satanic Power of Pornography

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Here is a quote from Calvinist Al Mohler provided by Calvinist Justin Taylor on “The Satanic Power of Porn”(

Russell Moore ( ):

Pornography is a universal temptation precisely because it does exactly what the satanic powers wish to do. It lashes out at the Trinitarian nature of reality, a loving communion of persons, replacing it with a masturbatory Unitarianism.

And pornography strikes out against the picture of Christ and his church by disrupting the one-flesh union, leaving couples like our prehistoric ancestors, hiding from one another and from God in the darkness of shame.

And pornography rages, as Satan always does, against Incarnation (1 Jn. 4:2-3), replacing flesh-to-flesh intimacy with the illusion of fleshless intimacy.

Adapting my previous comments about the evil perpetrated by Kim Jong-Il (see what amounts to # 1 of this series) and the heinous evil of gndercide (see what amounts to # 2 of this series), it is simply baffling that Calvinists can decry the satanic power of porn and its diametrical opposition to God and his holiness and purity, yet they hold that God first conceived in his own divine heart all pornography, thought it all up without any influence outside of himself, and unconditionally and irresistibly decreed it all without any influence outside of himself, resulting in every bit of pornography that has ever existed or will exist as well as every twisted indulgence in pornography, without any chance, power, or ability for pornographers or those who indulge in pornography to do anything else. It brings me to say yet again, it’s madness I tell you! Madness!!