An Appraisal of Prevenient Grace in John Wesley’s Soteriology – P.V. Joseph

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This paper seeks to provide a fairly balanced and comprehensive discussion on Wesley’s concept of prevenient grace within the context of Wesleyan soteriology, taking into consideration the issues of human depravity, human freedom, and divine sovereignty. It explores a cross-section of Wesleyan interpreters, digging into Wesley himself, and displaying the complexity of the issues at stake. It also explores the issues within the wider context of Christian tradition itself, bringing Wesley in conversation with Augustine and Calvin.

Wesley is convinced that God’s sovereignty is never undermined by human participation. In fact, it is God’s sovereignty that empowers human participation in the redemptive work of God. Thus, within his soteriological understanding, Wesley, through his concept of grace, finds room for divine-human participation without endangering the sovereignty of God.”

For the complete paper download here: An_Appraisal_of_Prevenient_Grace_in_John