A Template for Teaching Romans 9, with Active Learning Assignments

, posted by Vincentian

Active learning gives the learner the tools to teach themselves, assigns them a project to complete, and then provides feedback to the learner. The attached PDF file contains a ready-made template for facilitating a group via active-learning so that they understand the Old Testament and Jewish context relating to the apostle Paul’s citations in Romans 9.

The document contains:

– A ten-minute introduction to the lesson (fully scripted).
– Assignments for four groups (along with handouts).
– Instructions for facilitating the presentations from the groups.
– Final thoughts to close the lesson (scripted).

The material is appropriate for high-school through adult learners. Facilitating the entire class should take between 60 and 90 minutes, most of which will be student-led.

The material assumes that the facilitator is familiar with “Adult Learning Concepts” and using break-out groups for active learning (a very brief animated primer can be viewed at https://youtu.be/8lvkJhXnEZk ). When facilitating groups, it’s important to balance the need to assist groups who need additional clarification regarding the assignment, and the need to give them enough space to assume ownership and leadership of their breakout group. During the later student presentations, it’s important to allow them to give their group’s conclusions. If needed, you can clarify your position, but don’t debate or put down the group.

If you have never facilitated break-out groups, I recommend “practicing” with them on an easier subject before tackling this one. Also, groups of learners are often surprised to have a teacher give them an assignment – it can be helpful to give them a warm-up assignment at the beginning, perhaps by breaking them into groups of six people and having them pair up, talk for a few minutes, and then give a 20 second introduction of the other person to their group.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking here.