A Roundup of Obituaries for Distinguished Wesleyan-Arminian Theologian Thomas Oden

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Christianity Today’s obituary for Thomas Oden: “Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity.”

Mark Tooley’s Gospel Coalition obituary: “Thomas Oden (1931–2016), Theologian and Friend.”

Michael Bird’s notice: “The Passing of Thomas Oden (1931-2016).”

The Christian Post’s obituary: “Prominent Methodist Theologian Thomas Oden Dies at 85: 5 Things You Should Know.”

Timothy George’s tribute in Christianity Today: “Reversed Thunder: A Tribute to Thomas C. Oden (1931-2016).”*

InterVarsity Press’ obituary: “A Lifetime of Pioneering Theological Scholarship ~ Thomas C. Oden October 21, 1931 — December 8, 2016 ~ A Dynamic Figure in 20th and 21st Century Christianity”*

Ben Witherington’s notice/reflections: “Memento Mori—- Thomas Oden.”*

The obituary by Steve Beard at Good News: A Forum for Scriptural Christianity: “Remembering Thomas C. Oden (1931-2016).”*

The tribute by Joel Elowsky at First Things“Remembering Thomas Oden (1931-2016).”*


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