A Couple Resources Recently Added to the Links and Books Page

, posted by SEA

Let us direct your attention to a couple resources recently added to our Links and Books page (not to mention our articles database):

First, I. Howard Marshall, A Pocket Guide to New Testament Theology — This work is not focused solely on soteriology, but it is a general reference work on New Tesament theology by a world class scholar whose theology is by and large Arminian.

Here is the table of contents:


Chapter 1: Why study Christian doctrine?

Chapter 2: Our Knowledge of God?

Chapter 3: What can we know about God?

Chapter 4: God and the Universe

Chapter 5: The Person and Work of Jesus

Chapter 6: The Life of the Christian

Chapter 7: The Christian Community

Chapter 8: The Last Things

Second, Daniel Gracely: Hoodwinked and Happy?: Evangelicals, Calvinism , and Why No One’s Answering the Problem of Evil, published by Grandma’s Attic Press, © 2006 — Please note that the author of this book is not an Arminian, but that we have provided a link to the book because it has some good material related to the Arminian/Calvinist debate. SEA does not necessarily endorse everything in the book. In the author’s words, the book “is about sophisticated ways Calvinists (unwittingly) falsify certain things about the Bible, despite the appearance of telling the truth. I know about this, because for many years I was a Calvinist, and that is what I did.”