Steve Sewell, “A Case for Conditional Security, and Why It’s Not a Works-Salvation”

, posted by Steve Sewell

Conditional Security (CS) is the belief that we can lose, or forfeit our salvation through either a lifestyle of unrepentant sin, or a complete falling away from the faith. There are many who have the wrong understanding that CS presents a works type of salvation. People who make these accusations or misrepresent Arminian positions do so because they’ve either been misinformed or they have simply come to their own conclusions about it.I need to point out that there are many Arminians who do not hold to the CS position, but actually hold to the position of Unconditional Security (US), the belief that true born-again believers cannot lose their salvation. However, any comparison I make from this point on will be with Calvinists in mind, since CS is a basic, traditional belief of Arminianism.
The purpose of this article is not only to present a case for CS, but also to explain the reasons why CS is not a works-based salvation, or a works-plus-faith salvation. By the time you finish reading this article, even though you may still hold to US, you will at least understand correctly the Arminian position, and why it is inaccurate to present our position as being works-based.
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