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Robert L. Brush, “Prevenient Grace”

, posted by Jon Gossman

Definition The moving of the Holy Spirit upon the heart before the new birth. The importance of understanding the doctrine This doctrine of the holy Scriptures is a very comforting and encouraging truth when properly…

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Thank God for His Prevenient Grace

, posted by drwayman

To do the work needed on our vehicle, part of the dash had to be removed. Jeff was the technician that did the work. He was quite personable. When I picked up the vehicle, Jeff…

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Dan Sheffield, “Mission, Witness and Prevenient Grace”

, posted by AndrewH

Please click on the link to read Dan Sheffield, “Mission, Witness and Prevenient Grace”, available from the author’s blog: Dan Sheffield, “Mission, Witness and Prevenient Grace”   Related posts: How Prevenient Grace Shapes Our Missional…

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Friday Files!

Friday Files: Prevenient Grace.

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the Friday Files, SEA’s regular dig though our archives, ’cause not everybody realizes just what’s in there! SEA members’ names are in blue, and just to remind you—the views expressed in any articles and…

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