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Interesting Links 11-29-09

, posted by Kevin Jackson

Dr. Jeffrey E. Greenway, a UMC Pastor gives a review of the Wesley Study Bible. He comments on the Calvinist resurgence. “In my opinion, the trend of the majority of modern evangelicalism has a Calvinist/Reformed bent…However, I also believe that the world and culture in which most of us find ourselves is ripe for a resurgence of a Wesleyan approach to faith and practice.”

Looks like Bill O’Reilly is not a Calvinist. In this video he mentions (in passing) some of the problems of Calvinism. Go to 2:45 for the pithy version. (HT: Contemporary Calvinist)

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Exciting News in the Addition of Two New Resources

, posted by SEA

We have added two new resources to the site. The first to mention is the really exciting addition: The Puritan Arminian John Goodwin’s (1593-1665) magisterial Redemption Redeemed, which some believe to be the best defense of Arminianism ever written, a powerful, classic, comprehensive, biblical defense of five point Reformation Arminian theology weighing in at 740 pages. You can find it here. We want to thank John Wagner for bearing the cost of getting this important work into electronic files and making them available to us.

The second resource is an excellent concise summary of the corporate election view of election, predestination, and foreknowledge, which maye be viewed here.

We hope that these resources will be helpful to you as you seek God’s truth.

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John Calvin on Limiting Our Understanding of God to His Self-revelation in Scripture

, posted by Ben Henshaw

“Let us beware lest our words and thoughts go beyond what the Word of God tells us…We must leave to God His own knowledge,…and conceive Him as He makes Himself known to us, without attempting to discover anything about His nature apart from His Word.” (Quoted in The Story of Christianity Vol. 2, by Justo L.Gonzalez, pg. 61)

If only John Calvin had followed his own advice and discovered God through His self-revelation alone, rather than positing a secret divine will that contradicts God’s will as revealed in Scripture and making “secret decrees” the foundation of his soteriology, decrees that the Bible nowhere mentions or describes.

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Interesting Links 11-01-09

, posted by Kevin Jackson

The Spokane Examiner has an article entitled: A Methodist’s Take on Predestination and Free Will. (HT: Wesley Wong)

Richard Coords takes a look at a dissertation that explores the potential Gnostic influence on Augustine’s doctrine of Predestination.

Blogger Josh Taylor has an excellent piece on Justification by Faith.

Calvinist Kevin DeYoung asks: Can God Know Everything and Still Give Us Free Will? Be sure to see Adam O’s comment.

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