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Scot McKnight–Taking It to the Neo-Reformed

, posted by SEA

Distinguished NT scholar and non-Calvinist, Scot McKnight, has been blogging about the most troubling element of the Calvinist resurgence, which he labels “the neo-Reformed”. Here are links to his first and second posts:…

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I’m Free and God Is Still Soveriegn

, posted by Martin Glynn

Over and over and over again I am told that I do not truly believe that God is sovereign. Sure, I think I believe it, but God cannot really be sovereign if He doesn’t minutely…

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Eric Landstrom, The General Theory of Relativity and the Nature of God Pokes Openness in the Eye

, posted by Eric Landstrom

It is argued by proponents of Openness as well as Calvinists that claim Openness is the logical conclusion for Arminianism that in order for people to be free the future must be somehow open. Their argument claims that if God’s knowledge of future unactualized contingencies is perfectly known, then creaturely freedom is a farce and whether we like it or not, our Lord has effectively predestinated all of creation. Countering the argument Arminians point out that simply knowing for sure that a person will freely do something is not enough for God to control or predestinate the world. This is because foreknowledge of an event does not imply direct influence or omnicausality, or absolute determination, but merely knows what other wills are doing. In other words, foreknowledge doesn’t mean absolute determination. Yet a fine point should be sharpened at this time: God not only grasps and understands what actually will happen, but also what could happen under varied possible contingencies.

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Middle Knowledge

, posted by Richard Coords

Please click on the attachment to see Richard Coords’ post on Middle Knowledge.

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Friday Files: Clarke’s commentary on Romans 9

, posted by Godismyjudge

In Adam Clarke’s commentary on Romans 9, he argues for that God choice of Jacob and Esau were primarily national1, rather than the unconditional individual election and reprobation. The idea is that God chose to…

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Foreknowledge Defined

, posted by Kevin Jackson

Foreknowledge means “to have knowledge of something before it happens.” In Scripture there are are references to God’s foreknowledge of those who will believe in Jesus (Rom. 8:29; 1 Pet. 1:2). Those whom God foreknows,…

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Consistent Calvinism FAQ (Satire)

, posted by neborg

Disclaimer: The following is a light-hearted satire on Calvinism and not an attack on Calvinists. 🙂 Q. How should I approach evangelism? A. You should evangelise if you believe that you are included in the…

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Atonement for All

, posted by TrueHope

Jesus Christ died on the cross as a provision for all people, so that there is forgiveness of sins for all who believe, even though many are not forgiven because they refuse to believe. Jesus…

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According to Scripture, Jesus Died For …

, posted by Kevin Jackson

According to scripture, Jesus died for … Us all (Isaiah 53:6) His people (Matthew 1:21) All who are weary (Matthew 11:28) Many (Matthew 20:28) His people (Luke 1:68) All the people (Luke 2:10) The lost…

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