The Friday Files

, posted by AndrewH

The Friday Files compiles links to posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinistic bloggers from around the globe, and highlights new and older posts from SEA. Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily mean the linked material is Arminian or carries SEA’s approval.


Thoughts from Canaan releases podcast episode one: “Thinking Theologically”; and continues the TfC Book Club with“Augustine’s Confessions Book 7

Imperfect Reflections writes, “Good and Evil (are meaningless?)

Bloggin’ the Word shares “God, Predestination & Foreknowledge

The Arminian Files writes, “Two Types of Apostasy”; and “Eternal Security and the Lordship of Christ

By the Tree shares a devotion on “Repentance – Mark 6:12

Gospel Encounter begins a discussion of Lesslie Newbigin’s book Sign of the Kingdom

Ironstrikes posts, “Stale spirituality

The Helwys Society Forum discusses, “Christian Education in the Thought of (Arminian Theologian) Robert E Picirilli

Seedbed publishes a video interview “Loving Neighbors—An Essential Part of Gospel Ministry”; and posts, “Four Ways You Can Begin to Minister to Immigrants” and from the Daily Text devotional, “The Secret to Great Planning

Seven Minute Seminary releases a new video on Emerging Challenges in Global Missions

Dr Brian Small reviews Calvinist scholar Tom Schreiner’s commentary on Hebrews

Dr Scot McKnight shares a post by RJS which discusses Joseph’s statement in Genesis 50, “God Intended It For Good

Dr Roger Olson writes, “Who Were the First Protestants? Reflections on the ‘500th Anniversary’

Dr Craig Keener shares a video lecture, “Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation

Dr Will Willimon posts a second excerpt from his new book, Who Lynched Earle? Preaching to Confront Racism

Dr David Allen (Traditionalist Southern Baptist) introduces us to “John Chavis – 1st Ordained African American Presbyterian Preacher”, a preacher who defended unlimited atonement

Soteriology 101 (Traditionalist Southern Baptist) shares a lecture by Dr Flowers, via YouTube or Podcast, covering “Calvinism’s Big Three”: Ephesians 1, John 6, and Romans 9

The Society of Evangelical Arminians publish,

Calvinist Charles Leiter on Love & Unity Among Calvinists and Arminians;

Paul Copan, “Divine Exasperation”;

AW Tozer Sermon: Calvinism & Divine Sovereignty; and 

Remonstrance Minisode 7: Arminius on the Atonement

And, from the SEA archives, highlight:

Kaspar Brandt, The Life of James Arminius, an early biography;

Expositional sermons published in 1855 by Francis Hodgson, The Calvinistic Doctrine of Predestination Examined and Refuted;

A 2008 article by Dr Jerry Walls, “What is Wrong with Calvinism?”; and

A concise systematic theology written in 1870 by Benjamin Field, The Student’s Handbook of Christian Theology