1 John 3:4; A Devotional

, posted by Martin Glynn

Hello. Ron Fay is taking a brief vacation and in the meantime, I shall be taking his place. Though I cannot promise to do as well of a job in exegesis of Scripture for you as Ron, I promise you I will do my best. With that said, let us move on to what is truly important, the Word of God:

Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.

I would argue that this intentionally parallels John’s comment on purity in verse 3. There, John says that all who hope in Christ are purified because He is pure. Likewise, whoever commits sin is also lawless because sin is lawlessness. You become what you are committed to.

When you commit yourself to sin, it becomes more than just something that you are doing. Everyone justifies themselves when they sin, but you cannot justify yourself before God who can see the corruption that permeates your being every time you defy God’s sovereign laws.

This is why we are purified by Christ. It is only by the power of Christ, who is Himself completely pure, that we can be redeemed. Do not be deceived into thinking this sin is ok, or that bad action was necessary, for all sin is the breaking of God’s law.

Therefore, consider yourself. Do you ever try to justify a sin? Have you ever done something you know to be wrong, but thought that it was necessary this time, or that it was not your fault? Do you have blame your anger or your pain? However regardless of reason or motive, sin is sin. Therefore, look to Christ and be purified, for God still loves you, and desires you to be cleansed by Christ’s precious blood.