1 John 2:28-29; A Devotional

, posted by Ron C. Fay

And now, little children, remain in him that when he would appear we would have boldness and we would not be ashamed by him at his coming. 29 If you would know that he is righteous, you know that all who do righteousness have been from him.

John pulls no punches, and this blow is aimed at the gut of all comfortable Evangelicals in the United States.

Do we really have no shame of Jesus?
Do we share Him at every chance?
Do we preach Jesus and the cross fearlessly?
Do we trust enough in God’s love for us to overcome our fear?
Do we worry too much about what people will think instead of what God thinks?

I have always thought it was strange that Christians do not share the Truth because of fear of being thought weird. Here we are in America, where there is very little real persecution and we do not share, yet in other parts of the world to share the cross is to literally share in Jesus’ death, yet the fear of death does not stop them.

Where is our shame for ourselves instead of our shame in our Lord?

While we work in this world, our minds should be on the world to come. Our goal is not a better life now, our goal is to be told “well done my good and faithful servant” by the only one whose opinion matters.

Righteousness is God’s domain, and only He is truly righteous. However, all righteousness comes from Him, not because the unsaved can do nothing good, but because nobody can do anything of eternal worth without Him.

What are you doing of eternal worth?